Mobile Journalism Course

Course Overview

• This course includes to learn and use The Full Potential of Your Mobile Camera for making expressive videos and still photography. Learn the Tips, Tricks and Techniques to make real art of Journalism that consider India First.

• Digital Journalism : What is Digital Journalism, Digital Journalism Terminology, Developing Digital and Mobile Journalism skills, Social Media Handling-Understanding of Multiple social platforms, Social Media LIVE and Podcast Journalism (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram).

• Propaganda-Handling Journalism - Propaganda Vocabulary and its Understanding, Exposure of Yellow Journalism, Media Corporate relation, Political interference in media, Lutyens' Media and Its Influence, and Understanding of the stories behind the stories

• Training on selected Software & Tools

1. Why Social Media Training?

This OMJC Social Media and video Certification Training Course is aimed at educating and training participants in the rapidly expanding field of Web Journalism and Social Media. Participants will be trained on the latest and most advanced techniques for helping to develop skills. All companies, brands, businesses, governments, social, political and religious causes & leaders extensively videos and use social media to spread their message. So there is heavy requirement of personal trained in online media. But enough talent is not available in the market. Based on this gap we have designed this training program.

2. Objectives of the Course

On completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • • Make videos for YouTube and other web engines, will capture effective and well thought of photographs in any domain of social media and web world.
  • • Understand social media communication principles and platforms.
  • • Drawing more traffic, gaining visibility and awareness of a brand or product.
  • • Understanding the effective social media marketing
  • • Effectively implementing Social Media strategies and creating awareness and marketing campaigns.
  • • Attracting a larger audience and communicating with innovative ideas.
  • • Deploying the latest strategies to plan, execute, and assess a comprehensive and effective social media campaign for corporations, government agencies, or non-profit organizations.
3. Who should take this course?
  • • Students
  • • Working Women and housewives
  • • Entrepreneurs
  • • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • • Social Media Consultant
  • • Public relations Officers
  • • Blogger
  • • Online Journalists
  • • Online Community Engagement Manager
  • • Social Media Strategist
4. Training Program
Part I: Introduction to Social Media
  • • Mobile phone camera and its intricacies for making videos – Light, Sound and Quick editing through editing apps
  • • Importance of content and its usability
  • • Social Media: Meaning, definition and Features
  • • Handling of Social Media Platform like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
  • • Importance of Social Media
  • • Bringing Social Consumers and Businesses together
Part II: Branding through Social Media
  • • Audience Research and Engagement
  • • Social media branding and Marketing
  • • Storytelling and User Generated Content creations
  • • Content marketing
  • • Keyword marketing like SEO, SEM, organic keyword research tool, Viral Marketing and E-mail Marketing and Zero Moment of truth (ZMOT)
Part III: Basic Online Entrepreneurship
  • • How to start Business Online
  • • Web startup Plan and Management for web development, web journalism and E-Commerce
  • • Build a social media marketing platform
5. Training Methodology

We will take through and handhold the students, right from registration to job placements. Steps will include the following:

  • • Selection of passionate students
  • • Selected students will be counseled for the purpose of the course
  • • Trainers will design structured day wise and course content and course material for the students
  • • Progress of each student will be monitored against the learning outcomes
  • • Training will be participatory and will have right mix of theory and practical
  • • Language of the training will be a mix of English and hindi
  • • Apart from social media, we will also take some session on communication skills and interview skills
6. Program Faculty
  • • We will engage best of the faculty for taking the students through each and every topic in detail
  • • We will also arrange regular guest lectures from social media experts, from different domains to get a practical nuances for the students
7. Program Duration
  • • Program will be of 100 learning hours, including practical and theory
  • • 30 hours will be spent on theory and 70 hours will be spent on practical on computer
  • • Program will be spread over 2-3 months
  • • Program will be run 3 days a week, to give enough time to participants for practice
  • • Attendance of the students will be strictly monitored
8. After Training
  • • Students will be tested on their theory and practical skills after the program completion and certificates will be given to the successful participants
  • • We will engage Students in Internships during the end of the course, to get them practical industry experience
Course Duration : 100 hours
Total Course Fee : Rs: 12,500/-


You can pay the Application fee Rs. 12,500/- ( one time payment) by filling the Registration form.

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Sanjay Dixit

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Kapil Mishra

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Founder- Director IIP Academy

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Batch Opening From - 17th July 2021

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