Adarsh Yojna

IIP’S “ADARSH PROJECT” – For refugees of Adarsh Nagar Delhi Camp


A initiative towards a healthy and educated humanity

With India and the world going through testing times in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have to be together and work towards uplifting every human life and betterment of the community we live in. Every minute,every hour, every day counts as we channelize every resource to fight this unforeseen situation on a war footing level.

At IIP Foundation, we have been engaged wholeheartedly towards bringing a change to many lives. From social, economic to educational initiatives, we have managed to reach out to various sections of the society through a gamut of path breaking programmes. In the wake of this global pandemic, we at IIP Foundation are working towards bringing a change to the lives of people residing in the Adarsh Nagar Refugee Camp, Delhi. In these times, we have taken the onus of taking care of the education of children of the camp, and also arranging food to counter the problems arising out of crisis and hygiene breakdown. What’s more, we are also initiating IIP PhotoVoice – employing photography as tool to stimulate and encourage children to develop a more contemplative approach towards their surroundings.

Come, join hands with us at IIP Foundation to make a difference. Your heartiest help and contribution means a lot and will go a long way to uplift the lives of many!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela

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