Our Values and Ambitions

Our Path

Educating one child is educating a generation and this is the path we take while educating the Indian demography. By the year 2022 India is expected to need 500 million skilled people across different sectors. We at IIP are relentlessly working to build a ‘skilled India’ by providing end-to-end skill building programs focusing on improving employability.

Skill Development:
Developing Photography and Photo Editing skills with IIP’s professional programs designed for the entrepreneurs, prospective entrepreneurs, working professionals and students looking at learning creative, technical, business and commercial aspects of Photography, Social Media, Cinematography, Skill Development, etc.

Protecting the environment and wildlife:
Environment conservation is one of the essential initiatives undertaken by IIP Foundation. We believe in living and working together for the common good and making this planet a better place for future generations.
We serve the planet and its inhabitants, the wildlife and fight to make our planet a better place for them to populate and procreate.

Heritage, Culture & Society:
We promote community development through encouraging artistic measures and undertaking strategies that emphasize creativity by providing training, enabling professional development and supporting cultural and creative pursuits.
We strive to preserve our rich cultural heritage, folk and the ancient history that is deep rooted and has its branches spread in the eastern soil. We strive to explore our customs and our social norms that bind us to be Indian in spite of carrying the magnificent regional variations in our practices.

Flourish in Tourism:
We have engaged in different developmental programs for our vision of empowering the Indian tourism sectors to flourish and to enable us a prospective growth in the business outcomes. We wish to not only promote the serenity of our incredible India but also to expose and preserve the exoticism and grandeur of our country and the grand monumental structures and architecture of our history.