Girl Child and Women Empowerment

Girl Child and Women Empowerment

Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti (Ministry of Culture, GOI) and Nari Manch in association with Maulik Bharat, CCBOS of India…


Venturing into the varying walks of life other than imparting photography education, Indian Institute of Photography…


The two day workshop was jointly organized by the Indian Institute of Photography an initiative of IIP …

“The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about women.”
– Gloria Steinem

For a country where women are worshipped and whose population of women alone is more than the total population of many other countries, India fares low where their treatment is concerned. The crimes against women and domestic violence cases against women are the clear indicative that women in India do not enjoy even basic human rights. Given such a scenario, it becomes clear that women charities have an important role to play.

“A girl’s destiny is not fulfilled until she holds in her arms her own little book.”

In rural areas of the country, women are an easy prey to molestation every 26th minute, rape every 34th minute, sexual abuse every 42nd minute, kidnapping every 43rd minute and dowry death every 93rd minute. Discrimination is widespread in families in daily life. Girls are not imparted education at par with boys and at some places there are differences in food items of both. Girls are less attended in sorrow, happiness, food and education than boys. If there is demand by the girls for equal treatment, they are made aware that they were girls, and ‘those were boys’ and they are perpetually persecuted. IIP Foundation India fights with all these curses with all its might and in all possible ways.

Empowering Women, Strengthening Nation
IIP Foundation celebrates International Women’s Day, 2013

Every year, 8 March is celebrated around the world as International Women’s Day. IIP Foundation also planned a program of celebrating International Women’s Day with a focus on women and paid a tribute to every woman for various roles she plays in the society.

IIP Foundation firmly believes in the fact that the upliftment, encouragement and advancement of women is of prime importance to the economy, business, society and the nation. Here’s is a glimpse of the prolific collection of photographs conveying vibrancy of today’s women’s emotions.