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Namaste India,

The world is in a grim situation fighting a war in the wake of the Covid19 Pandemic. The time has come to be together and fight it head on. As a not-for-profit organization, we at IIP Foundation are standing tall by being with our country in this time of crisis. Contributing heartily to the PMCares Fund and devising more funding methods through a unique online showcase of photography. Add to that, we are also doing our bit by providing groceries to migrants and working community. With consolidated fund worth 50 lakhs reaching to the beneficiaries. Recently, our fee proceedings of our online courses have also been deposited in PMCares Fund.

Carrying this endeavour further, we at IIP are devising more creative funding methods through photography. We are putting forth an online exhibition and showcase of photographs promoting various facets of Indian values and culture. Interested patrons can choose to pick any picture at a contribution one can decide, but not less than Rs.500. We will be carrying forward the received money towards the PMCares Fund.

Click on the link choose the pictures you like and contribute towards the greater cause. Please note IIP Foundation is approved under 80G so you can claim IT benefit as well.

For more details, call us at 9899402495/ 9999108208