Governance & Accountability

We, at IIP Foundation India have transparent governance structure and accountability towards our communities with quite clear policies that are effectively implemented in practice and address the following:

  • Well-managed reporting systems for all including internal entities, donors, partners and communities, wherever applicable and relevant.
  • Appointment of the members of governing body as per their relevance and importance to the organization.
  • Well-defined roles and responsibilities of each and every member of the governing body, both individually and jointly, including strategic planning, financial probity and oversight of quality assurance.
  • Proper guidance on how the strategic responsibilities of the governing body are delegated to operational management.
  • A clear mandate from communities, whether geographical or population-based, where a supporting NGO provides services and programmes or undertakes advocacy initiatives to a defined community, such as through general elections or the appointment of designated community representatives to the governance body.
  • Transparent sharing of annual plans measuring and documenting performance against plans and strategy every year through annual report.