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Ongoing second wave of novel corona virus infection has caused unimaginable havoc on a large population of India. Starting from Jan-2021, we have lost almost 2 dozen odd Harcourtian Alumni, Ex Faculty, current lot of student & faculty as well as their family members. Much touted jingoism of population dividend has been replaced with “population load on crumbling health infrastructure” and we are staring at a colossal disaster. Indians are dying for the want of oxygen.

Sine its establishment, North America based Alumni Association of Harcourt Butler Technological University (HBTU) has always maintained strong emotional connect and remain personally engaged with its alma mater, students and alumni in home country as well as other parts of world. Each member takes pride in being a part of 100 year old legacy of HBTU which is world renowned for producing best quality chemical engineers since 1925.

We find, it is time to rise and extend a helping hand in ongoing upgradation of health infrastructure in HBTU Campus and reach out to other Harcourtians who are scared, fighting losing battle filling up the social media space with frequent distress call for medicine, remdesivir injection, oximeter, oxygen regulator, oxygen cylinder, oxygen concentrator and bed in the hospital.

This fundraising effort is targeted towards following objective:

  • Augment existing Infrastructure for immediate relief to HBTU alumni, students, faculty and staff and general populace in adjoining area.
  • Contribute by small helps to Alumni & student in India to enhance emotional capability for a fight back
  • Launch a fundraising campaign for supply critical material, medicine and additional mobilization of health workers
  • Adopt & implement Fund mobilization and utilization system which is based on US Tax compliant Standard Operating Practice (SoP) which is transparent and accountable

The planned initiatives in order of preference are:

  • Covid Isolation Center in HBTU premise ($25K with $5K of ongoing expense)
  • Pan India Expansion of HBTU Covid Aid app ($10K)  Oxygen concentrators (minimum 100, $75K)
  • Other material: Medications, Oximeter, Oxygen Regulator, oxygen tanks etc. (TBD)
  • Oxygen plant in HBTU Kanpur premise ($75K  Ambulance service (TBD)

Mr. Ashwani Verma (MCA 1994), himself an alumni & successful entrepreneur, has conceptualized and rolled out CovidAid.org app by mobilizing a team of 60 students at HBTU Kanpur using public private partnership model. This app became necessary due to long waiting time for access to hospital bed and overcrowding of hospitals. It aims to help covid victim by providing real-time information about immediate Hospitals Beds, Oxygen, Plasma Donor, Ambulance etc. This app is operational in major UP cities and need scale up funding support pan-India expansion plans https://covidaid.org/

A key differentiator is that this app has LIVE Helpdesk service. During a moment of crisis, a distressed person is not having any idea about access to health care facility and availability of bed in designated hospital. He has to run everywhere and seek help. Covidaid.org helpdesk is connecting them to the right resources and coordinate for earliest possible access to desired health facility. The Helpdesk group currently is consists of 60+ HBTU dedicated student volunteers. Funding for growth and expansion is required

Mr. Lauv Aeron (1995 LT) is leading the vendor section and procurement initiative for oxygen concentrators and other relief materials. Lauv is a veteran social activist and entrepreneur. He is son Padhma Shri Dr. Yogi Aeron. He has
been managing his own HUI https://www.helpersunited.org/ since many years which is devoted towards social work in India in medical field. He has used his legal resources to design US Tax compliant SoP for raising of funds in North America of with extension of tax free benefits to contributors. and matching contributions from major US employers.

Mr. Avinash Kumar (CS 2005) – is leading coordinator for for fund raising efforts and logistical arrangement for timely shipment of corona relief materials with active support from India based alumni & faculty. He has been a social activist since early age and has duly registered NGO in India to support fund mobilization in local currency.

Mr. Divya Chopra (FT 1995) – is a key contributor to the alumni causes and is passionate about this Covid relief effort. He is heading the fundraising effort.

Mr. Vivek Mishra 1987 – is secretary of HBTU Alumni and spearheading alumni causes and cooperation with HBTU administration as he is located in Kanpur.. Mr. Akhil K. Khare CS 1994 -is passionate about heading this HBTU Covid relief effort, a consensus builder who believes in action on ground and with some quick practical planning wants to make a difference on ground asap.